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Boston Home security

As a LifeShield authorized dealer, we here at Superior Home Security take great pride in being able to offer the best combination of innovative security technology, low prices, and superior customer service for your Boston home security options. Regardless of what size your home is, the dynamics of your layout, or the geography of your location, we here at Superior Home Security will ensure you are protected no matter what. From alarm systems, to fire and flood monitoring, our LifeShield security systems are the ideal fit for any environment. Regardless if you live in a big city, or a small town, our exceptional LifeShield security systems can be customized to fit your needs. Call us or contact us via our website today to see why we here at Superior Home Security are the ideal security dealer.

How To Enhance Home Security In Four Easy Steps

May 6, 2013

Homes can never be safe, which is why maintaining good home security is important. Criminals are becoming more resourceful by the day. Although having a good home security system is important, you can prevent crime and increase the safety of your home by carrying out the following tasks.

Install Security Locks

Deadbolt locks are absolutely necessary if you wish to stay safe in the comfort of your home. They offer a much better level of protection than their regular counterparts. They are also much stronger and thicker; additionally, they can withstand a great deal of pressure, so an intruder will have a very difficult time trying to break into your home.

You Need Better Doors

How to enhance home security? A simple solution is to add proper doors. In fact, if you have a strong deadbolt lock, your door will break before your lock does, making it imperative that you have a better door than the one you currently have installed. Most doors are hollow, which is simply not good enough at stopping intruders. A sturdy door will be a great investment and a great way to keep out thieves and burglars.

Install Motion Detector Lights

These are absolutely necessary if you live in a high-risk area; they are great to have around even if you do not live in such an area. The lights will turn on whenever they detect a motion, so placing them in your yard will ensure you are aware of anyone or anything out there. It will detect small pets, too, which makes it a good investment if your pet keeps going out of the house. Burglars will be suddenly thrust into the spotlight, thus stopping them dead in their tracks.

Security Cameras are Vital

Finally, security cameras will help you enhance home security by helping you keep an eye on your house even when you are not there. They are very easy to install, and LifeShield offers them at very competitive rates.

By doing the above, you will enhance the security of your home and your loved ones. These things are very easy to do, especially if you take the help of security companies. Not only do you stay safe, your family’s belongings will stay secure too.

Enjoy Versatility and Agility With LifeShield Home Security Systems

July 26, 2012

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), crime incidents result in both physical and psychological damage. They rob the victims of their peace of mind, which culminates in a helpless and angry individual. In America, a burglary incident takes place every 14.6 seconds. This is according to data released by the Department of Homeland Security. In Boston, MA, more than 24 incidences of burglary, 183 incidences of theft and 73 cases of vandalism have been filed with the local police. With these worrying statistics, you can ill afford to take home security lightly. LifeShield home security enhances your personal security as well as the protection of your loved ones and property at very little cost. Home alarm systems also come with discounts in your home insurance premium payments. This heralds significant savings on your monthly expenditure. LifeShield services are widely available all across Boston through authorized dealers such as

LifeShield takes pride in its advanced home security systems, which are crafted using the latest technology in the market. Gone are the days when home alarm systems relied entirely on the efficiency of analogue telephone technology (landlines). The modern home security system is equipped with high tech capabilities that allow the integration of the alarm system with PCs, laptops and smart phones. In a nutshell, these security systems are more efficient, smarter, more responsive and offer the homeowner increased security 24 hours a day. The potential of the modern home alarm system is immense. It is actually possible to control your central heating system via your home security system instead of having to program the thermostat or have it connected to the lighting system so that you can control the intensity of your home’s lighting.

Apart from securing your home and valuables against burglars, home security systems can also be integrated with other specialized systems to offer much more. For example, LifeShield systems can be connected with fire detection systems to detect fires before they turn into an inferno. The same system can also be connected to carbon monoxide gas detection systems, which are vital in detecting this dangerous gas before it builds up to dangerous levels. Contact for all your LifeShield home security needs.

Big Boston Home Security Systems

March 8, 2012

With the Super Bowl happening this weekend, I have been thinking a lot about Boston. And because I am all about the technology, those thoughts have morphed into a variety of Google searches, including techno boutiques Boston, gadget stores Boston, home security Boston, home entertainment Boston, and even web design Boston. My searches yielding some interesting results, but not interesting enough to make me want to cheer for the Patriots. Football aside, Boston is a great place to visit. Even if you aren’t into all of the wonderful US historic sights that dot the area, there are plenty of other wonderful things to see and do. Fenway Park, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, The Boston Pops, harbor cruisers, helicopter tours, and more breweries than you could shake a mug at. There is something for everyone in Boston, if you know where to look. The next few weeks would be a great time to visit Bean Town, if the Patriots pull off a win on Sunday. Folks there might not be in a real chipper mood if their boys don’t bring home the championship. I don’t know much about the Patriot’s fans, but if they are anything like the fans in other sports-centric cities, Boston residents might want to do their own search for Boston Home Security. In a sport where celebration riots happen just as frequently as poor-loser riots, security systems might come in handy no matter what the game’s outcome.

Career Burglar Caught

October 28, 2011

Carl Lazenby, a career criminal, was finally apprehended when his arm was nearly ripped off by a Rottweiler. The 35-year-old burglar has been convicted of 13 burglaries over the years and was in the middle of committing another when the home’s alarm system went off.

The police were called and Lazenby was found walking down a nearby road with a bag. When he spotted police, he ran. To help in the manhunt, a five-year-old Rottweiler named Spud was called in for the search. Lazenby was eventually found hiding nearby. When he tried to run for the second time, Spud latched onto his arm.

As a result of the dog bite, Lazenby spent four days in the hospital, lost three tendons in his fingers, needed skin grafts and has lost use of his right hand. The criminal claims he should not be thrown in jail because the dog bite was punishment enough. The court did not agree. Lazenby was sentenced to three years and four months in prison. He hopes to spend some of his jail time learning to write with his left hand.